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Water In Motion was created in 2008 and has established itself as leading Cape Town company specializing in water features and ponds. Owned and lead by Clive Giliomee, who has been involved in the building industry since 1992, through his knowledge of construction and passion for water, Water In Motion was born.
We pride ourselves as being a turnkey company, undertaking the project from design through to completion and commissioning, with a “hands on” approach, treating every job, no matter the size, with 100% attention to detail. Unfortunately, we don’t do swimming pools and advise clients to hand that aspect over to the experts in that field.
We specialise in custom designed water features for a wide range of clients, from the residential client to the Architect entrusted with the clients dream water feature and ensure that each individual client has a water feature as unique as they are.
If you have a Builder, Landscaper or Interior designer working on your project already, we simply join the crew and work with them.
In last few years with the introduction of sustainability into the construction industry, we have been constantly looking for more sustainable methods and products to use in our water features, i.e. recycled products and more energy efficient pumps and equipment. We have introduced plants and gravel beds in ponds to create a natural bio filter, to maintain clean water in ponds too.
From the beginning stage of a Consultation to the Commissioning and Operation Manual handover at completion, our aim is to provide the client with a custom water feature and 100% service satisfaction: resulting in an awe inspiring end product that will stand the test of time and bring joy without end.
So if you are in the market for a simple water feature or something different from the norm, simply give Clive a call 083 227 5950 or click here to contact us.


A few testimonials:

Steve Fulgham

"Clive and his team artfully transformed our garden into a soothing symphony of Water in Motion while maintaining the harmony of our surroundings".

Ben Oosthuizen of Ben’s on the Beach Restaurant

Many thanks for the beautiful water feature, there have already been some positive comments from our clients. Once again thank you for your professional service, it has been a pleasure working with you.

Diana Grobler

"Clive delivers a hassle-free knowledgeable service for both ponds and water features of all sizes, no matter how challenging the design"

Lee O’Brien of Clifton 

"Water in Motion were an absolute delight to work with. We installed three features all differently designed by Clive, and they all look stunning. Their maintenance program on the features works very well, and I would highly recommend it."

Alex Cyprianos

"Revelstone is proud to supply products to and recommend Clive and his team for any water feature. Their work is always of the highest standard and the undoubted leader in the market when something unique or out of the ordinary is required"

ARG Landscaping Designs

"Clive's interest and knowledge about both the reticulation and construction of water features makes him a great person to work with. His great attitude brings fun into the problem solving task of how to achieve the best design solution based on project requirements."

OvP Associates

"Clive's approach is creative and enthusiastic right from conceptual design, installation and maintenance."

Beverley Shafto

"From  start to finish, fantastic service, continual updates, installation on time and a beautiful water feature. Thank you Clive, Sid and the Water In Motion team."

Clayton Laue of Paarman Landscapers

"When it comes to Well designed and quick installation, Clive at Water in Motion are our choice water feature experts."


"We have been involved in a working syndicate with Water In Motion for the past five years. As far as we’re concerned, there is only one specialist water Feature Company in the Western Cape."


“Water is the driving force of all nature.”
― Leonardo da Vinci